There are two types of Conditions: Common Conditions and Persistent Conditions. Persistent Conditions replace Flaws in the World of Darkness Rulebook and characters may take a Beat whenever a Persistent Condition complicates the character’s life.

Common Conditions

Common Conditions are the consequences (both good and bad) to the actions made by characters during gameplay. They cannot be bought during character creation or advancement. Common Conditions are short term consequences to in-game actions. After a Condition is resolved it is gone.

Persistent Conditions

Persistent Conditions are tied to the character. A Persistent Condition is not easily resolved like Common Conditions. Whenever a Persistent Condition complicates a characters life it becomes one of the six ways to take a Beat. With permission, players make take Persistent Conditions at character creation. A Persistent Condition may only be permanently resolved with specific and impressive effort.

Sources of Conditions

Conditions are caused by five things in World of Darkness.

  1. Exceptional Success
  2. Supernatural Abilities
  3. Storyteller Conditions
  4. Breaking Points
  5. Complex/In-depth Behaviors, Tactics or Situations

Exceptional Success

The most common is an exceptional success. Whenever an exceptional success is rolled, the player who rolled it can bring a Condition into play. The Condition must be relevant to the situation at hand.

Supernatural Abilities

Some supernatural abilities can also create Conditions. Most of these occur outside of a mortal campaign, but may come into play when dealing with supernatural creatures.

Storyteller Conditions

During moments of high drama or the climax of a session or story arc the Storyteller may choose to impose Conditions on characters to heighten the drama of the game.

Breaking Points

If a character rolls a Dramatic Failure, Failure, or Success on an Integrity roll they gain either the Broken, Fugue, or Madness Condition. It may also be appropriate to create a new Condition based on the Breaking Point and a character or the Storyteller may create a new condition based on the situation. Soul Loss has its own set of Conditions as well.

Complex/In-depth Behaviors, Tactics or Situations

Well crafted plans and plots are also a source of Conditions. Examples from the book are: “a well-planned heist may impose the Overwhelmed Condition on the chief of police, or a detailed bout of research and investigation may offer the Informed Condition.”


Every Condition has a resolution and the resolution should be listed when the Condition is applied. If the Condition is pre-generated it’s resolution will be listed in the book. If it is a created Condition the resolution is decided the same time the mechanics of the new Condition are created.

Sample Common Condition


Your character has been blackmailed, tricked, convinced, or otherwise leveraged into doing what another character wishes. You may have the Leveraged Condition multiple times for different characters. Any time the specified character requests something of you, you may resolve this Condition if your character does as requested without rolling to resist.
Example Skills: Empathy, Persuasion, Subterfuge
Resolution: Your character may either resolve the Condition by complying with a request as above, or if you apply the Leveraged condition to the specified character.
Beat: n/a (Do not take a Beat when resolving this Condition.)

Sample Persistent Condition

Disabled (Persistent)

Your character has limited or no ability to walk. Her Speed trait is effectively 1. She must rely on a wheelchair or other device to travel. A manual wheelchair’s Speed is equal to your character’s Strength and requires use of her hands. Electric wheelchairs have a Speed of 3, but allow the free use of the character’s hands. An injury can cause this Condition temporarily, in which case it is resolved when the injury heals and the character regains mobility.
Resolution: The character’s disability is cured by mundane or supernatural means.
Beat: Your character’s limited mobility inconveniences your character and makes her slow to respond.


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