Combined Earth Theory

The Combined Earth Theory hypothesizes that there are multiple dimensions to the universe. The dimension we live in is merely one possible outcome to evolution and natural history. Not only are there multiple dimensions that give rise to many different evolutionary and natural history tracts, but these dimensions rotate around a fixed point the same way planets rotate around a star in a planetary system.

Just like in a planetary system, a dimensional system has different types of orbits that sometime cause dimensions to collide or come within close proximity of each other. It is also possible to map dimensional orbits over time. Not all dimensions in a dimensional system contact or come within close proximity of each other and just because two dimensions come within contact does not mean a third dimension has to come into contact with both dimensions.

The major difference between dimensional systems and planetary systems are that when dimensional systems come in contact it is possible for inhabitants living in both dimensions to occupy the same physical space (instead of crashing into each other and creating a lot of space rubble).

When dimensions occupy the same physical space inhabitants can affect other beings currently occupying the same space. For example, a being from Dimension A can kill a being from Dimension B. Once the dimensions no longer occupy the same space, all inhabitants remain attached to their dimension, regardless of space.

It is possible to connect two close dimensions through dimensional doorways. These doorways only remain open as long as the dimensions remain in close contact with each other. When the distance between dimensions becomes larger than the power used to create the doorway, the doors close and remain closed until re-opened when then dimensions come within close enough alignment once again.

There are six known dimensions that come within close contact or contact with of Laic (the dimesion of the PCs).

  1. Laic – Mundane Man
  2. Mu – Magical Man
  3. Seelie – Summer Court Faire
  4. Unseelie – Winter Court Faire
  5. Hemat – Vampire
  6. Vehrka – Werewolves
  7. Davit – Undead

Some dimensions remain within close enough alignment for there to be permanent dimensional doorways or dimensional overlap.

Because these are alternate dimensions and not alternate worlds, species have evolved in the same general manner in many dimensions. In fact, some dimensions have experienced parallel evolution to such a degree that species are able to crossbreed during times of dimensional overlap.

Combined Earth Theory

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