5 Beats equal 1 Experience

Criteria for Gaining Beats

There are only six ways to gain a beat:

  1. If your character fulfills an Aspiration
  2. If Persistent Condition complicates your character’s life
  3. If you fail a roll, once per scene, you may opt to take a Dramatic Failure
  4. If your character takes any damage in his furthest right Health box
  5. If the Storyteller gives a reward based on exceptional roleplaying, tactics or character development
  6. At the end of each session

That’s it! Those six ways are the only ways to gain a Beat.

Group Beats

We will be using the Group Beats rule variant. All Beats will be tracked with glass beads in a glass bowl. Every time a Beat is gained a glass bead is dropped into the glass bowl. At the end of each chapter, Beats are divided equally among players.


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