Aspirations are the “final touches” of the character creation process. They are your characters goals and statements about what stories you want to play.

Choosing Aspirations

At the end of the character creation process choose three Aspirations for your character. An Aspiration is not set in stone and can be changed during gameplay. (During the first couple of sessions, while you are getting to know your character, it is expected they will change.) Think about what your character wants achieve, what his short and long term goals are, why he joined the Vigil.

Aspirations and Experience

Aspirations are one of the six ways to take a Beat. (Five Beats equal one Experience.) During gameplay you will have the opportunity to fulfill one or more of your Aspirations. Whenever you fulfill an Aspiration, take a Beat. At the end of the game session or before the next game session you should choose a new Aspiration so you always have three Aspirations.

Because we are using the Group Beats rules variant it is a good idea to figure out the other members of the Cell’s Aspirations. Helping them to achieve their goals will help you to achieve yours!

Sample Aspirations

Aspirations should be written as simple statements of intent.

  • Achieve a promotion at work
  • Make something that’ll outlast me
  • Prove my loyalty to the team
  • Show myself I’m not cursed
  • Give something important to someone in need
  • Put myself in mortal danger
  • Forget responsibility and enjoy myself
  • Get a new car
  • Show restraint when tempted
  • Indulge my addiction
  • Say my last goodbyes
  • Volunteer at the cancer center
  • Meet a ghost
  • Interview my idol
  • Plant a garden
  • Show respect to my enemies
  • Establish a new identity
  • Learn what hurts shapeshifters
  • Have a one-night stand
  • Escape jail
  • Replace my broken guitar
  • Tell a long-kept secret
  • Say no without regrets
  • Put my daughter’s ghost to rest
  • Take control of the company
  • Become a parent
  • Take down the mayor
  • Outlive my boss
  • Pass on my most important skill
  • Become fully independent
  • Bring an end to the Chosen of Mammon
  • Find the witch that cursed my family
  • Become independently wealthy
  • Master my chosen art
  • Become a vampire
  • Find my soul mate
  • Prove my father was wrong about me
  • Buy back our ancestral home
  • Show the world that fairies are real
  • Open a branch in three nations
  • Become psychic
  • Uncover my mother’s killer’s identity
  • Find an unknown biblical gospel
  • Prove my uncle wasn’t insane
  • Discover the cure for mortality


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