Hunter the Unnamed

Over the Hedge

Cute talking animals and monsters.

What started out as a care-free jaunt through the Hedge, ended as one.

The Hedge was up to its same old tricks with confusing signs, paths that seem to lead to the same place, but actually lead to different places, a talking bird, and some hobgoblins. The Snipe claims that the trip through the Hedge to the Unseelie Realm is a two day walk, but because of the time differences the party is unwilling to stop for the night.

About half-way through their journey they come across what appears to be a changeling who claims to be harvesting Goblin Fruit. Not interested in someone telling the True Fae that a group of humans is tromping through the Hedge they tie him up. As soon as they exit the hollow they are ambushed by four more changelings. The Snipe laughs and sings a little song about the changelings shadows, which upon closer inspection do not match their bodies. After a quick fight, two of the changelings are dead and two more have run away.

The Snipe calls them Noppera-Bo. In between verses of the Doom Song the Snipe explains that the Noppera-Bo specialize in taking on the appearance of those they come across in the Hedge and attempt to lead them astray. He continues to say (while still singing the Doom Song) that this group must have been extra-stupid or extra-hungry to try to attack an equal size group.



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