• 1 to 5 dot Social Merit (A character can have more than 5 Contacts, but the Merit rating only goes up to 5 for the purposes of Allies blocking.
  • Page 166 of the God Machine Rules Update
  • Each dot of Contacts is bought independently to the other dots. Therefor the first dot of Contacts costs the same as the fifth dot of Contacts.


Contacts are used to provide your character with information. Contacts do not provide services.

Each dot in this Merit represents a sphere or organization that you can get information from. In order to get information via Contacts requires a Manipulation + Social Skill roll. The Skill used depends on the method you are using to get the information.

This Merit can be used generally or with specific contacts. If used generally, only the field is necessary. If an individual is used, positive or negative modifiers will be added to the roll depending on how relevant the information is to the contact, how dangerous it is to get the information, if relations are good between the PC and the contact and if the PC has done any favors for the contact.

Alternate Uses

Contacts can be used to discover other character’s (PCs and NPCs) Social Merits and any relevant Conditions (Embarrassing Secret for example).

How Contacts Work with the Professional Training Merit

The first dot of Professional Training is Networking. Networking provides two dots of Contacts relating to your Profession. Remember, each dot of Contacts is a separate source of information and not related to the total number of dots in the Merit.

Professional Contacts Example

For this example the character’s Profession is Detective. Examples of Detective Networking Contacts are: Cops, Lawyers, Bureaucrats, and Bail bondsmen. As long as you give a good explanation as to why you have these Professional Contacts they will most likely be allowed.


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