Hunter the Unnamed

Over the Hedge
Cute talking animals and monsters.

What started out as a care-free jaunt through the Hedge, ended as one.

The Hedge was up to its same old tricks with confusing signs, paths that seem to lead to the same place, but actually lead to different places, a talking bird, and some hobgoblins. The Snipe claims that the trip through the Hedge to the Unseelie Realm is a two day walk, but because of the time differences the party is unwilling to stop for the night.

About half-way through their journey they come across what appears to be a changeling who claims to be harvesting Goblin Fruit. Not interested in someone telling the True Fae that a group of humans is tromping through the Hedge they tie him up. As soon as they exit the hollow they are ambushed by four more changelings. The Snipe laughs and sings a little song about the changelings shadows, which upon closer inspection do not match their bodies. After a quick fight, two of the changelings are dead and two more have run away.

The Snipe calls them Noppera-Bo. In between verses of the Doom Song the Snipe explains that the Noppera-Bo specialize in taking on the appearance of those they come across in the Hedge and attempt to lead them astray. He continues to say (while still singing the Doom Song) that this group must have been extra-stupid or extra-hungry to try to attack an equal size group.

Jack and the Giant Goblin Market

Agent Stout was mentioned over the radio.

The cell gathered supplies and returned to Jacks given location to find a strange creature telling us to go under 169 along the river. A troll was found guarding the entrance to Goblin Market. After providing booze, hat and jacket to a troll he allowed us into the goblin market.

Ran into Jack and received further information and agreed to help jack still.

This lanthorn doth the horned moon present
Liars and Sabertooth Tigers and plane fairs, Oh My!?

This has been a really weird week. I’m going home to grab gear because we’re about to stupidly go running through another portal to some crazy dimension filled with stuff that will probably want to kill or enslave us. Before this, we were travelling all over the country blowing all our savings to track down a ghost with some information we could use to figure out what the heck has been going on at home. Thankfully we were able to come across some funding to get home on a chartered plane. It was expensive, and the pilot was an asshole, but we got where we needed to be and now it’s back into the shit-storm.

I feel bad keeping all this from Holly. I guess it’s a consolation that the way things are going, I won’t be able to for very long. Secrets always come out. No matter how deep you bury them or how many disguises you put on, there’s always someone with a shovel or a spy camera for the moment you take that disguise off.

She’ll find these notes eventually and honey, when you do, I’m asking you not to treat me like I’m crazy. I’ve got a picture of a sabertooth cat that should have been extinct thousands of years ago and the trophy teeth to prove it. And some new scars… sorry about that. Hopefully you think they’re sexy.

Ghost and monster hunting is one thing. With all the people out there looking for Bigfoot and doing t.v. shows on haunted houses, what we’re wrapped up in doesn’t feel so out there. I mean, everybody has seen Ghostbusters. But the Fae are a little harder to explain, and a lot harder to spot than a manifested, bleeding ghost or a pissed off mountain lion the size of a Buick.

We ran into one named Jack. Technically, he wasn’t even a fae. He was a normal person taken by the fae to be like them. We’re calling them Changelings. He looked like a normal guy. Okay, more like a normal bum. His shoes were beat up, his clothes were weathered and he had this kind of seen-to-much look in his eye. But that was just a disguise.

We caught on to it because he was holding an old lantern, not like something you’d see in this century. It had a weird light that made you want to get close to it. He claimed to be centuries old. There are some old stories about people being led from great danger by a strange light, and others about people who chased after a light only to find themselves near the edge of a building rooftop standing in front of near death. After the weird shit I’ve seen, sabertooth tiger included, I’m inclined to believe him. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s the kind of world I’m living in now.

We found Jack leading some people out of the thick fog in Mound that people are calling a terrorist attack. It isn’t. That’s just a convenient cover. The fog is nothing more than the by-product of two worlds colliding. I can’t explain it, I’m no scientist and it’s some deep quantum shit. But I know some guy from the Winter Court Fae opened up a portal to our world to come get something. Stuff from his world and maybe different times of ours came rolling through. It’s going to get a lot worse than some fog and a giant cat if we can’t get that portal closed.

Jack was able to tell us who opened the portal and gave a possible reason why. He even said he’d tell us how to close it and give us some directions to a place called the Goblin Market. But in exchange for help closing the portal, he wants a favor. He made a deal with the guy who opened this portal years ago to get his lantern. But it cost him his heart. I don’t know how he can be walking around without a heart, but he is. When he drops his disguise, he looks like a weird little alien with gray skin and a sunken chest. Even the lantern looks different, like a pumpkin with a candle in it. Changelings, whatever they are, aren’t human. They may look human to the normal eye, but they aren’t. The Fae took them as kids, enslaved them, and somehow they got back into our world. But it sounds like escape comes at a cost. Everything does.

I really hope we can afford to pay the cost of closing this fucking doorway.

The Hidden Wine Cellar of Sarah Winchester

If the wine cellar of Sarah Winchester was legendary when she was alive, it is almost mythical today. The following bottles (vintage pre-1900) were found in the wine cellar, along with a group of contractors playing cards…


Vintage 1735 Hunt’s Porto
Vintage 1748 Justino Henriques Verdelho Madeira
Vintage 1800 Larios Benifique Malaga
Vintage 1809 Premier Empire Grand Champagne
Vintage 1811 Napoleon Grand Cognac (x2)
Vintage 1830 Bourdieu Armagnac (x2)
Vintage 1834 Wiese & Krohn Reserva Porto (x3)
Vintage 1835 Producteur Inconnu Sercial Solera
Vintage 1837 Da Silva Cama de Lobos
Vintage 1850 Graville Sainte Croix du Mont
Vintage 1858 Producteur Inconnu Demi-bouteille Porto
Vintage 1858 Monnet Cognac
Vintage 1858 Fromont Grande Champagne
Vintage 1860 Leacock Sercial Solera (x3)
Vintage 1865 Pellisson Cognac
Vintage 1874 Lafite Rothschild Bordeaux
Vintage 1879 Saint Vidal Grande Champagne
Vintage 1890 Langoa Barton Bordeaux
Vintage 1890 Pomys Bordeaux
Vintage 1893 Delaunay Roger Clor du Colombier
Vintage 1893 Percenade Vieil Armagnac (x2)
Vintage 1893 Chateau d’Yquem
Vintage 1895 Dupeyron Vieil Armagnac
Vintage 1898 Henriques Sercial Solera (x2)
Vintage 1898 Beychevelle
Vintage 1900 Wiese & Krohn Reserve Particular Tawny (x5)
Vintage 1900 Claverie Bas Armagnac
Vintage 1900 Dupeyron Armagnac

What you take with you and how you take it with you is up to you. This is not an exhaustive list, just the list of bottles pre-1900.

Wild Goose Chase
What the hell is up with these tickets!?

Excerpt from Riley’s Diary:

I normally don’t write this shit, but sitting on a plane watching a smug little dwarf guzzle all the booze doesn’t leave me a whole lot else to do. The four of us are chasing down some intel we got from a woman who, yesterday, I’d have told you doesn’t exist. Sound crazy? It should. Ever since I started hanging around with these guys it’s been one crazy freak show after another.

This time, Jake chases some bird off into the forest and comes back with a story about some hot chick with under-boob and a funky name that sounds like some stuff from Shakespeare. But he claims she tells him we’re supposed to go look for the Boston Medium. So here’s what’s what. We chased down Bonnie’s killer. He disappeared into thin air. But not before we figured out he opened some kind of door, but not the type you can just see if you aren’t really looking for it. We pop through that door and Jake finds this chick. She tells us to find the Boston Medium. So we talk LT into some time off and head off to the East coast where there is this convention of wack jobs who think they can talk to the dead and read palms and shit.

We find this big fat chick who claims to be able to talk to the Medium. And wouldn’t you know it, the only thing the Medium can tell us is that we have to go talk to someone else. It’s just like one of those fucking video games I played growing up where you needed the key to open the door. But to get the key you had to do a favor for a guy who wanted a special jar. But to get the jar you needed a golden egg which you could only get if you first helped someone retrieve their fucking laundry which was stolen by a guy who hid the laundry basket in a cave guarded by a troll who would fall asleep if you could get him to drink a beer made by some dwarf halfway across the world.

See what I’m getting at here? Dwarfs with beer really piss me off. He could at least send a drink back here, the scheming little fucker!

Anyway, when we get into the town with this haunted old house, I guess we’re going to have to try out a seance or something. Figures that we’d go to a convention full of wackos and come back with some bullshit answer about putting the spirit of a dead chick to rest. At least I packed the EMF meter. I don’t know if these things even work. I guess we’ll find out. Hopefully, we’ll learn something more than just another name. I’m getting sick of running errands.

One weird thing I’ve noticed, when I close my eyes to try and get some sleep, I keep hearing this pounding, like someone is hammering.

This stuff is starting to get to me.

Fearsome Critters Indeed

The cell found themselves outside the portal wondering what to do. Surveillance and traps were set for anything that might come out, however the question nagged, what lay within. Jake decided they had to do some field work and get first hand knowledge and go through the portal. Jake went into the portal and found, what he recognized as a Snipe, sitting by the sign. After a few tests, the cell decided further investigation was warranted. A 2 people in, 2 people out rule was established and Max lost the coin flip and entered alongside Jake, Twink, and Dodger.

A long game ensued between the Snipe and the heroic adventurers. At last, with the aid of Zelda knowledge the maze of repeating groves was figured out and the Snipe was cornered. The Snipe shared knowledge of a Glawackus and how to get to the end destination, which is still not understood. Max, grabbed the Snipe when least expected and kept him with to provide information. A Cell discussion was held and Max and Jake went back into the portal to pursue the other path.

They came across more creatures from what jake called the legendary Fearsome Critters. The Argopelter was destroyed with the excellent spotting of Max and a well placed shot from a flare gun. Next down the path was a Hoop Snake that Twink sent slithering after jumping through the hoop. Finally, the Glawackus presented itself. The party charged it challenging its very nature as a predator. A hefty blow from Jakes knuckles and the frightening visage of Max yelling and waving a snipe sent the creature scampering. All the hard work led to a dead end. The snipe showed the way however through to the fairie court. On the other side of the dead end was a beautiful humanoid, a lady of some sort, that greeted them as the first humans to arrive. Max and Jake both glanced at each other, what did they get themselves into and how do they reunite with their cell mates?

XP updated on the page

Back to the Future
A member of the Winter Court turns back the clock to give it to us doggy style!

Quick Notes

  • Investigation of Bonnie Trudy Tran’s phone records led to an Egyptian historian
  • Egyptian guy gave us intelligence about a time-travelling hound and faerie courts as well as how spiritual mediums could gain access to the mortal realm through corners.
  • Group began work on a spherical room.
  • Files on the lawyer revealed he had lied about going to Atlanta for a case. There was no case.
  • Lawyer mysteriously bought land on a whim and struck it rich with a mineral deposit – as though he knew it was going to be there
  • The group broke into the lawyer’s house to investigate his possible connection to a time travelling hound.
  • Group bugged his house and learned through surveillance that he was using some kind of ritual to speak with a strange entity that presumably killed him after he tried to back out of a deal.
  • Investigation of the house revealed the lawyer’s body and a table with strange ruins beneath it as well as a basement full of nothing but square corners.
  • Forensics were called to the scene. Once police had the sight under control, the group replayed the chanting tape and summoned a member of the winter court who then sent the Hound of Tyndalos after them.
  • Hound of Tyndalos killed but to the bittersweet message of “It’s too late.”
A Midnight Call
We touched a gooey asian with holes in her parts

Police Report:

During an ongoing investigation into numerous reports of wild, feral dogs, at approximately 3:14 am, Officer Barnes received a related call on his personal phone alerting him to a potential crime in progress at the house of one Bonnie Trudy Tran, a private business owner in St. Paul. Upon arrival at the subject’s home, Officer Barnes, Officer Shobe, and Investigator Becceril investigated the premises. Attempts to reach the subject through conventional means were unsuccessful. When the subject did not respond, police forcible entered and searched the premises.

The corpse of Ms. Tran was discovered in the basement, decapitated. Officers reported a gel like substance covering wounds in her chest. Those wounds contained notable similarities to the corpse of the lawyer’s daughter and the wonds of his wife in a potentially connected attack. Forensics and investigations were contacted once the crime scene was secured.

Officers Barnes and Shobe were contacted by internal affairs with relation to Officer Barne’s connection to the victim and his discovery of her body on scene.

Informal notes:

  • We questioned the kitsune about involvement in the summoning of the hounds of Tyndalos with no success.
  • An investigation of her apartement did not reveal any information to the contrary. Eddie rifled through her panties. It was creepy.
  • Hundreds of calls received by St. Paul 911 operators regarding strange hound sightings all across the city. We investigated the sites and witnesses without specific revelation.
  • Received a call from Bonnie Trudy Tran about getting involved with something Barnes was into. Investigation of the call revealed Tran’s death.
  • A search of her house revealed a strangely sealed doorway with rounded edges sanded flat and many round pieces of furniture. Her basement was noticibly lacking sharp corners. Perhaps she tried to create a sealed “safe” area? Maybe the hounds can only manifest in sharp corners?
  • Eddie was able to procure specific information from her home in a supplemental search gathering certain phone records that showed recent contact with individuals at the University of Minnesota.
In That Box, In that Fox

It turns out the answer to the cell’s problem was at the tip of Jake’s penis. Tsuki was actually a Kitsune, and Jake found that out mid stroke in the mirror. After a brief struggle, Jake swiped her necklace which stole the bulk of her power. Running naked into the streets with a small white fox nipping at his heels may not have been the image of competence, however the cell bag and tagged another of the denizens of the darkness.

A vote of 2 to 1 left Tsuki imprisoned until further interrogation can be completed.

Goals for next session

Search Tsuki’s house
Connection between murdered lamplighters and christian drug lord?
Hounds still at large?

The Barbecue
Things get hot when the girls show up!

Hellhound Investigation

  • The Strange hounds are thought to be Hounds of Tindalos – search for a better understanding
  • Hound bites convey acid burns
  • Victims of hound attaks have strange cylindrical wounds. – Cored out samples of human beings?
  • Little girl killed in hound attack has organs scrambled and misplaced – according to sources, this is indicative of an attack of a Hound of Tindalos
  • Hounds are summoned in a perceived demonic ritual – it does not appear they stray far from the summoner.
  • Hounds can move through solid objects
  • They are in Riley’s House!

Murphy Murders

  • Questioned Tsuki – no information divulged
  • Jake slipped Tsuki his grilled hotdog – no information divulged
    Determination – Jake is bad in bed.


  • Eddie scared off his crush and got slapped, then drunk, then peed himself

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