weapon (ranged)


  • Die Bonus: 0
  • Durability: 2
  • Size: 1
  • Structure: 2
  • Availability: 1, 2, or 3 dots


Stun Guns come in three intensities, based on Availability. Stun guns also come in two basic models, hand-held and ranged. On a successful hit, the victim takes lethal damage based on the intensity of the weapon. The number of successes by the attacker is removed from the target’s next dice pool. The number of successes a character takes during combat are cumulative. Once the number of successes exceed the target’s size the target collapses in neuro-muscular incapacitation. This lasts for a number of turns equal to 10 minus the target’s Stamina once the shock ends.


The hand-held model has two live leads and can be used up to 50 times on one battery charge. To use the hand-held model roll Dexterity + Weaponry and subtract the target’s Defense. The attacker can maintain the shock by rolling Strength + Weaponry, minus the greater of the target’s Strength or Defense.


The range model has a range of 15 feet, has the same battery life of the hand-held model, but uses a compressed air cartridge that needs to be changed after each shot. To use the ranged model roll Dexterity + Firearms and subtract the target’s Defense. The ranged model’s barbs remain within the target until they are removed with a successful Strength + Stamina roll, subtracting the number of successes the attacker had with the initial attack.


As of 2008, all St. Paul police are equipped with these yellow tasers (particularly favored by Hmong police for their small size)


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