Pepper Spray

Mace or pepper spray

weapon (ranged)

Die Bonus +1, Durability 2, Size 1, Structure 1, Avail- ability •

Effect: Pepper spray, or “mace” as it’s commonly called, is a blend of chemicals (mostly capsaicin, the “hot” part of a chili) in a small spray can, designed to debilitate threats. Civilians use these devices in self-defense; police use them to subdue unruly criminals. Use of pepper spray requires a Dexterity + Athletics, or Dexterity + Firearms roll. Each yard is a range category, so one yard is short range, two yards is medium, three yards is long range. An opponent’s Defense applies, but in normal wind conditions, the die bonus ap- plies to the roll.

Upon the first attack, the victim suffers the Stun Tilt (see p. 212). An opponent struck suffers a –5 penalty to all ac- tions. This penalty can be reduced by one for every turn spent rinsing the eyes with water. Commercial chemicals designed to clean the eyes will fully remove the penalty after a turn.


Pepper Spray

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