Wasp Swarm


Swarm Size

Eight yards in diameter.

Swarm Damage

One bashing damage to every person in the diameter of the swarm. The swarm can halve its size to double its damage. (e.g. 8 yards to 4 yards equals 2 bashing; 4 yards to 2 yards becomes 4 bashing)

Armor is only effective if it covers the characters whole body, and then it only uses half it’s rating. Characters are -2 to rolls involving perception or concentration in a swarm.

Swarm Rules

Swarms are only affected by area attacks. Each point of area damage halves the swarm size. When reduced to below one yard, the swarm is effectively destroyed.

The swarm cannot be attacked with fists, clubs, swords or guns. Only area-affect attacks such as a torch affect it. Each point of damage inflicted by a flame or other applicable attack halves the swarm’s size. Once the swarm is reduced below a one-yard radius, either all insects are dead or the few remaining disperse.


Swarms from the Big Gate

Massive swarms of paper wasps have made their way to Mound through the Big Gate. Because of the cold they quickly created super-sized nests.

Wasp Swarm

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