Jacob Shobe

Though large and imposing, Jake is a very kind and easygoing guy.


Physical Description

Height 6’6" Weight 230lbs Hair Color Black hair Eye Color Hazel


Health •••••••• Willpower •••••• Integrity ••••••

Defense •••••• Size ••••• Initiative •••••


Intelligence ••
Wits •••
Resolve ••

Strength ••••
Stamina •••

Composure ••••


Athletics ••
Brawl ••••• Striking
Survival ••• Tracking

Occult ••
Medicine •• Emergency medicine

Animal Ken •• Dog training
Streetwise ••


Jacob Shobe, age 22, is a Paramedic with SPFD and a member of SPPD swat team. He received his AAS at Montana State University – Great Falls and moved to Minnesota soon after to start his career in public safety. After a year as a paramedic at SPFD, he joined the swat team serving as their paramedic and continuing his learning opportunities. He continues to go to school at the U of M working towards his goal of becoming a doctor one day. Jake is well liked and known as a cool headed professional with great potential.

Socially, Jake struggles making friends outside of work and dating has been non-existent since leaving Montana. He hopes to start a family one day, however he struggles with the idea of being a hunter while also a father or husband. He hopes to not relive many of the mistakes of his own father in that regard.

Jake still is into boxing and at times has fought for money to help make it through school. In the underground circuit he is known for his brutal punches and uncanny ability to take hits. It’s said Jake killed a man in the ring once.

Jake lives at Mears Park Place Apartments with his two dogs, Twink and Dodger.

Rarely does family work its way into the conversation with Jake, however Holly and the girls managed a few details the other night while he was drinking with them. Jake comes from a large family, 4 brothers and one sister. Jake is 3rd in line with a younger sister and brother. From the sounds of it he grew up under a strict household.

Favorite Quote:

Anger is a killing thing: it kills the man who angers, for each rage leaves him less than he had been before – it takes something from him.
Louis L’Amour

Jake does not leave the house without his bug out bag.
Jake meditates every morning before doing anything else.

Jacob Shobe

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