Jack o’ the Lantern

A changeling carrying a strange lantern masquerading as a vagrant


Changeling Form

Jack is of medium height and is rail thin. His chest looks concave and sunken, and his breath is so shallow he can’t fog a mirror. His face is gnarled and weather-beaten and his fingers are singed from years of tending his lantern. His ears are rounded and shriveled, and his nose is slightly upturned.

Jack always carries his lantern. During the day, he keeps it in his shoulder pack. At night, he holds it in his hand or hooks it to his belt.


Mundane Form

Jack’s age is difficult to guess. People peg him anywhere from early 20s to late 40s, depending on the light, the angle and the time of day. Jack doesn’t dress up if he can help it, preferring jeans and a comfortable shirt. He isn’t a slob, but isn’t a swell, either. His shoes and build identify him as a frequent walker, and he carries a shoulder pack wherever he goes. In years past, he carried a walking stick as well, but in modern times that gets him more attention than he’d like.

Jack has revealed himself to be a Changeling.


Jack has agreed to give up the location of the Goblin Market and tell the group how to close the Big Gate that has been opened up between the Liac and Unseelie realms. For this information he has asked to have his heart returned from his former Keeper, Gwynn ap Nudd.

Jack’s Heart

The only thing Jack can say for sure about his heart is that Gwynn ap Nudd will be keeping it close to him. In what form his heart is being kept is unknown to him.

Jack’s Information

Jack is relatively certain that Gwynn ap Nudd opened the Big Gate. His certainty stems on the fact that the 0pening of the Big Gate in Liac is pretty much on top of the ap Nudd compound in the Unseelie and he feels that this sort of brashness is right up ap Nudd’s alley.

Jack o’ the Lantern

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