Edwardo Becerril

"Fast Eddy" the bad ass detective.


Physical Description

Height 5’7" Weight 170lbs Hair Color Dark hair Eye Color Brown


Health ••••••• Willpower ••••• Morality •••••••

Defense ••• Size ••••• Initiative ••••••


Intelligence ••
Wits ••
Resolve ••

Strength ••
Dex •••
Stamina ••

Presence ••
Manipulation •••
Composure •••


Athletics •
Brawl •
Firearms •••• SMG 9 again
Larceny •

Investigation •••
Politics •

Empathy ••
Intimidation •••
Persuasion •• Fast Talk
Streetwise •• profession 9 again
Subterfuge ••


Having few hard connections with the world Eddie has a strong connection to his community as a whole. Skeptical of organizations that claim to do the greater good for the community, because of the corruption often found within. Eddie prefers to work in small groups where every member is accountable. This stems from his associations with gangs. After joining a gang at 11 he soon realized that rather than protecting the neighborhood (the stated goal) Gangs frequently made the situation worse.

Edwardo Becerril

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