Raymond "Crow" Flynn

Riley's new Occult contact


Crow is a middling man of pale complexion, fragile form, and unattractive qualities. He has brown hair that is wiry, unwashed, and too long. His age is hard to pin down because he looks older than he is.


Crow got made fun of a lot growing up. Kids called him “Gay” Ray. While he truly adored women, he didn’t know how to talk to them and never bothered to learn enough self grooming to encourage any girl to come close. He fluttered on the borders of any social group that would let him near until getting sick of him. He passed his time playing video games alone, watching porn, and reading up on comics and weird mysteries. He demands people address him by his nickname, which is self-appointed and came from his favorite move The Crow.

Crow holds on to the belief that like in the movie, when he dies (or suffers some kind of accident) he will gain the supernatural powers and abilities he is too lazy to develop in himself right now. He professes himself an expert in “weird stuff” and likes to share his expertise when someone will actually listen to him.

Riley stopped a mugger from getting the better of Crow. When Riley didn’t treat him like crap and would talk to him every once in awhile, the awkward young man felt more willing to share information.

Raymond "Crow" Flynn

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