Hunter the Unnamed

This lanthorn doth the horned moon present

Liars and Sabertooth Tigers and plane fairs, Oh My!?

This has been a really weird week. I’m going home to grab gear because we’re about to stupidly go running through another portal to some crazy dimension filled with stuff that will probably want to kill or enslave us. Before this, we were travelling all over the country blowing all our savings to track down a ghost with some information we could use to figure out what the heck has been going on at home. Thankfully we were able to come across some funding to get home on a chartered plane. It was expensive, and the pilot was an asshole, but we got where we needed to be and now it’s back into the shit-storm.

I feel bad keeping all this from Holly. I guess it’s a consolation that the way things are going, I won’t be able to for very long. Secrets always come out. No matter how deep you bury them or how many disguises you put on, there’s always someone with a shovel or a spy camera for the moment you take that disguise off.

She’ll find these notes eventually and honey, when you do, I’m asking you not to treat me like I’m crazy. I’ve got a picture of a sabertooth cat that should have been extinct thousands of years ago and the trophy teeth to prove it. And some new scars… sorry about that. Hopefully you think they’re sexy.

Ghost and monster hunting is one thing. With all the people out there looking for Bigfoot and doing t.v. shows on haunted houses, what we’re wrapped up in doesn’t feel so out there. I mean, everybody has seen Ghostbusters. But the Fae are a little harder to explain, and a lot harder to spot than a manifested, bleeding ghost or a pissed off mountain lion the size of a Buick.

We ran into one named Jack. Technically, he wasn’t even a fae. He was a normal person taken by the fae to be like them. We’re calling them Changelings. He looked like a normal guy. Okay, more like a normal bum. His shoes were beat up, his clothes were weathered and he had this kind of seen-to-much look in his eye. But that was just a disguise.

We caught on to it because he was holding an old lantern, not like something you’d see in this century. It had a weird light that made you want to get close to it. He claimed to be centuries old. There are some old stories about people being led from great danger by a strange light, and others about people who chased after a light only to find themselves near the edge of a building rooftop standing in front of near death. After the weird shit I’ve seen, sabertooth tiger included, I’m inclined to believe him. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s the kind of world I’m living in now.

We found Jack leading some people out of the thick fog in Mound that people are calling a terrorist attack. It isn’t. That’s just a convenient cover. The fog is nothing more than the by-product of two worlds colliding. I can’t explain it, I’m no scientist and it’s some deep quantum shit. But I know some guy from the Winter Court Fae opened up a portal to our world to come get something. Stuff from his world and maybe different times of ours came rolling through. It’s going to get a lot worse than some fog and a giant cat if we can’t get that portal closed.

Jack was able to tell us who opened the portal and gave a possible reason why. He even said he’d tell us how to close it and give us some directions to a place called the Goblin Market. But in exchange for help closing the portal, he wants a favor. He made a deal with the guy who opened this portal years ago to get his lantern. But it cost him his heart. I don’t know how he can be walking around without a heart, but he is. When he drops his disguise, he looks like a weird little alien with gray skin and a sunken chest. Even the lantern looks different, like a pumpkin with a candle in it. Changelings, whatever they are, aren’t human. They may look human to the normal eye, but they aren’t. The Fae took them as kids, enslaved them, and somehow they got back into our world. But it sounds like escape comes at a cost. Everything does.

I really hope we can afford to pay the cost of closing this fucking doorway.



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