Hunter the Unnamed

The Hidden Wine Cellar of Sarah Winchester

If the wine cellar of Sarah Winchester was legendary when she was alive, it is almost mythical today. The following bottles (vintage pre-1900) were found in the wine cellar, along with a group of contractors playing cards…


Vintage 1735 Hunt’s Porto
Vintage 1748 Justino Henriques Verdelho Madeira
Vintage 1800 Larios Benifique Malaga
Vintage 1809 Premier Empire Grand Champagne
Vintage 1811 Napoleon Grand Cognac (x2)
Vintage 1830 Bourdieu Armagnac (x2)
Vintage 1834 Wiese & Krohn Reserva Porto (x3)
Vintage 1835 Producteur Inconnu Sercial Solera
Vintage 1837 Da Silva Cama de Lobos
Vintage 1850 Graville Sainte Croix du Mont
Vintage 1858 Producteur Inconnu Demi-bouteille Porto
Vintage 1858 Monnet Cognac
Vintage 1858 Fromont Grande Champagne
Vintage 1860 Leacock Sercial Solera (x3)
Vintage 1865 Pellisson Cognac
Vintage 1874 Lafite Rothschild Bordeaux
Vintage 1879 Saint Vidal Grande Champagne
Vintage 1890 Langoa Barton Bordeaux
Vintage 1890 Pomys Bordeaux
Vintage 1893 Delaunay Roger Clor du Colombier
Vintage 1893 Percenade Vieil Armagnac (x2)
Vintage 1893 Chateau d’Yquem
Vintage 1895 Dupeyron Vieil Armagnac
Vintage 1898 Henriques Sercial Solera (x2)
Vintage 1898 Beychevelle
Vintage 1900 Wiese & Krohn Reserve Particular Tawny (x5)
Vintage 1900 Claverie Bas Armagnac
Vintage 1900 Dupeyron Armagnac

What you take with you and how you take it with you is up to you. This is not an exhaustive list, just the list of bottles pre-1900.


Soooooo you really want us to research all this and figure out what our characters would know about wine and what they would choose to take as opposed to just determining a relative amount we receive from the haul? Sounds like a lot of tedious busy work I won’t be doing. Riley would be taking everything he could, going back for more if there was capacity and picking out bottles by the look of the label and the age


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