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The Case of Doctor...Who?

Steampunk Awry...when trains go poo instead of choo

June 26th and 27th

Unofficial Case Report – Riley Barnes

The calls came in every hour like clockwork over the scanner starting at about 7 pm. Each call was a witness stating they had scene a pair of young people, male and female, driving around town in some kind of unusual vehicle that looked like a mix of a go-kart and a train, raising a bit of a rukus.

By the 4th call, it became apparent the issue was more dangerous that a couple or irresponsible topless kids. This account established the male was armed and the vehicle was travelling at unsafe speeds through Snelling neighborhoods.

We had been enjoying some time off at a bar with Holly and some of her girlfriends. I was trying to hook up Jake. He’s a bit too quiet for the usual kind of date. I had hoped getting him out would loosen him up. Once that call came in, I couldn’t ignore it. It sounded a little weird and a little dangerous, just the kind of stuff I like. And the other cops would be setting up perimeter rather than investigating due to the vehicle’s speed.

My pursuit brought me in range of the vehicle. It was like something out of a nightmare. The guy was fused into the back, the woman “sat” in the front, if you could call it that. I couldn’t see where one thing began and the next ended. Like something out of that Human Centipede movie if in between the people there had been a train. The armed male took a couple shots at me with his weapon. One bullet tore into my right abdomen, thankfully missing vital organs. I got lucky. I pulled off near a minute clinic while the creature turned into a parking lot across the way.

That’s when shit really got weird. I called Jake to get him to save my ass and while I’m on the phone, some dwarf dude in a private security outfit shows up, and gets me into the locked clinic. Pretty usefully little guy, honestly. He had an attitude and he asked a lot of questions, but he helped me out. As we were trying to figure out what to do about the slug in my chest, the door busted open and in strutted this nutjob in a mask claiming he’s there to save the day. Then, the dwarf whips out a baton and charges the guy who couldn’t have been out of highschool. I guess he figured the kid shot me. And this little dwarf lays into him while the kid is threatening him with some crazy Bruce Lee type fighting stuff. I got a great recording of it. It’s up on YouTube, has like 100,000 hits already.

I got sick of standing there with a bullet lodged in me so I tossed the dwarf dude out of the way and tried to calm the situation down. But you know… there is just something really irritating about a looney kid playing at being Batman. And he wouldn’t let go of the act even after getting his ass kicked by a midget. He tried that ridiculous self-centered crap again and I couldn’t resist taking him down a peg. This kid, a superhero? He was just going to get himself killed if somebody didn’t wisen him up a bit. And the look on his face was pretty priceless when the taser plugs nailed his chest and lit him up. He took off like a dog on fire, leaving me with a pissed off Dwarf.

Jake couldn’t have had better timing. He strolled in, applied that cool head of his, calmed everything down and dug the bullet out. He sort of covered for me with Holly.. she didn’t really buy it, chewed me a new asshole for trying to be a gloryhound and called me a maniac for chasing after the scanner reports. I’ll make it up to her. It’d sure be easier if I could tell her what I saw, but she doesn’t need to know just how messed up things can really get. She’d never let me out of the house.

I guess Jake must be a comic book nerd or superhero buff or something cause he went out later that night and tracked the kid down. I guess he scared the heck out of the kid’s butler or something and Jake sat in front of his house all night just to give him one of his weird business cards. That guy has a bit of a strange side. It’s no wonder he’s having trouble with girls.

I took the picture I had of that crazy machine and ran it through some people I know. They told me it looked like it had something to do with grafting skin to technology and that I should look into this doctor who used to be local at the Univeristy of Minnesota. Jake dig some digging with his teachers and advisors there and found out the doctor got himself in trouble with the U for unethical experiments on people. We tracked him back to the area where the machine disappeared and enlisted the help of Max, the dwarf, to survey and get into the place.

Jake brought in that superhero kid, who called himself Nighstalker, and who had to make an entrance by climbing up to the roof of the building to pose on “the villian’s lair.” We weren’t there 5 minutes when the doors opened up, that train thing rolled out and took a pot shot at Jake. I let them have it with my rifle and that was about all she wrote for what was left of the two people grafted into the machine. Nightstalker and I tried to keep them alive so we could interrogate them, but they were hurt too bad. The female begged us to kill her. That nutty doctor messed these people up real bad.

Jake and Max went after the doctor inside, but by the time they got into his lab, after kicking in a reinforced steel door no less, the guy was gone. The power shut down all of a sudden and this crazy looking airship-thing, took off from a compartment on the roof. We picked up the shells, cleaned up the blood, and hid the bodies of the people grafted to the train and shut the place up for the night.

Jake’s Summary:

The cell made two contacts one a masked superhero the other a man in the security business. After an interesting meeting the two new friends aided in the eradication of a menace from here on in referred to as the Human Train Graft. A mad genius escaped and some sort of AI was discovered. The experience rocked the newcomers and they may need some time to regather there wits before being contacted again.

Are we more the Justice League or the Avengers? I will ponder this more over walking the dogs…

inspiration for Max’s fight with Nightstalker
Taking it to the Max

Rarely does family work its way into the conversation with Jake, however Holly and the girls managed a few details the other night while he was drinking with them. Jake comes from a large family, 4 brothers and one sister. Jake is 4th in line with a younger sister and brother. From the sounds of it he grew up under a strict household.

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The Good, the small, and it gets ugly

The Case of Doctor...Who?

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