Hunter the Unnamed

The Barbecue

Things get hot when the girls show up!

Hellhound Investigation

  • The Strange hounds are thought to be Hounds of Tindalos – search for a better understanding
  • Hound bites convey acid burns
  • Victims of hound attaks have strange cylindrical wounds. – Cored out samples of human beings?
  • Little girl killed in hound attack has organs scrambled and misplaced – according to sources, this is indicative of an attack of a Hound of Tindalos
  • Hounds are summoned in a perceived demonic ritual – it does not appear they stray far from the summoner.
  • Hounds can move through solid objects
  • They are in Riley’s House!

Murphy Murders

  • Questioned Tsuki – no information divulged
  • Jake slipped Tsuki his grilled hotdog – no information divulged
    Determination – Jake is bad in bed.


  • Eddie scared off his crush and got slapped, then drunk, then peed himself



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