Hunter the Unnamed

Lamplighter Lit Up

3 dead, 2 Critical with no reason why.

St paul pioneer press

Lamplighter Lit Up

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A gruesome sight forced upon the patrons of a local strip club as a lone gunmen entered and shot 5 men, killing 3 and wounding 2. The gunmen, a SPPD detective gave himself up as SWAT entered the building, and has not yet been identified. The two men shot, that survived, were transported to Regions Hospital and listed as critical. Names have not yet been released out of respect for family. No known motives for the shooting as of yet.
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Dog attacks continue

Despite Police and the DNR’s efforts another is lost, and this time a little girl age 8. The father of the home returned from a business trip to find his daughter massacred in her bed and his wife grievously injured. According to detectives it’s possible they are linked to the numerous dog attacks in the area 2 weeks ago. The police have issued a warning to all hikers and residents in the area to travel in groups and avoid being out at night.

Lamplighter case details

  • Men that were killed in area where Tsuki and Alecia danced.
  • Tsuki – Black straight shoulder length hair, 5’1". Phone # be retrieved and soon to be tracked.
  • Brandt (bouncer) not questioned – was tasered?
  • Came in wearing Kevlar
  • get access to his bank accounts to see amount of money spent/given to Tsuki?
  • Booth is manager of Lamplighter, unwilling to give Tsuki whereabouts.
  • Detective Murphy acting happy for past few weeks. Now very quick to anger involving Tsuki.
  • Question Beatrice(murphy’s wife) as to details of seperation-did she really catch them in bed together.
  • Murphy complains of lost time and sleepiness.

Hell hound case

  • Annabelle Atkins victim. large K9 embedded in leg not from family dog.
  • Dodger tracked scent from wall to vic to mother back to a different wall. Unable to detect outside of home.
  • near same area as before.
  • No other signs of entry

17 beats in pot



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