Hunter the Unnamed

Fearsome Critters Indeed

The cell found themselves outside the portal wondering what to do. Surveillance and traps were set for anything that might come out, however the question nagged, what lay within. Jake decided they had to do some field work and get first hand knowledge and go through the portal. Jake went into the portal and found, what he recognized as a Snipe, sitting by the sign. After a few tests, the cell decided further investigation was warranted. A 2 people in, 2 people out rule was established and Max lost the coin flip and entered alongside Jake, Twink, and Dodger.

A long game ensued between the Snipe and the heroic adventurers. At last, with the aid of Zelda knowledge the maze of repeating groves was figured out and the Snipe was cornered. The Snipe shared knowledge of a Glawackus and how to get to the end destination, which is still not understood. Max, grabbed the Snipe when least expected and kept him with to provide information. A Cell discussion was held and Max and Jake went back into the portal to pursue the other path.

They came across more creatures from what jake called the legendary Fearsome Critters. The Argopelter was destroyed with the excellent spotting of Max and a well placed shot from a flare gun. Next down the path was a Hoop Snake that Twink sent slithering after jumping through the hoop. Finally, the Glawackus presented itself. The party charged it challenging its very nature as a predator. A hefty blow from Jakes knuckles and the frightening visage of Max yelling and waving a snipe sent the creature scampering. All the hard work led to a dead end. The snipe showed the way however through to the fairie court. On the other side of the dead end was a beautiful humanoid, a lady of some sort, that greeted them as the first humans to arrive. Max and Jake both glanced at each other, what did they get themselves into and how do they reunite with their cell mates?

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Fearsome Critters Indeed

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