Hunter the Unnamed

Back to the Future

A member of the Winter Court turns back the clock to give it to us doggy style!

Quick Notes

  • Investigation of Bonnie Trudy Tran’s phone records led to an Egyptian historian
  • Egyptian guy gave us intelligence about a time-travelling hound and faerie courts as well as how spiritual mediums could gain access to the mortal realm through corners.
  • Group began work on a spherical room.
  • Files on the lawyer revealed he had lied about going to Atlanta for a case. There was no case.
  • Lawyer mysteriously bought land on a whim and struck it rich with a mineral deposit – as though he knew it was going to be there
  • The group broke into the lawyer’s house to investigate his possible connection to a time travelling hound.
  • Group bugged his house and learned through surveillance that he was using some kind of ritual to speak with a strange entity that presumably killed him after he tried to back out of a deal.
  • Investigation of the house revealed the lawyer’s body and a table with strange ruins beneath it as well as a basement full of nothing but square corners.
  • Forensics were called to the scene. Once police had the sight under control, the group replayed the chanting tape and summoned a member of the winter court who then sent the Hound of Tyndalos after them.
  • Hound of Tyndalos killed but to the bittersweet message of “It’s too late.”



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