Hunter the Unnamed

A Midnight Call

We touched a gooey asian with holes in her parts

Police Report:

During an ongoing investigation into numerous reports of wild, feral dogs, at approximately 3:14 am, Officer Barnes received a related call on his personal phone alerting him to a potential crime in progress at the house of one Bonnie Trudy Tran, a private business owner in St. Paul. Upon arrival at the subject’s home, Officer Barnes, Officer Shobe, and Investigator Becceril investigated the premises. Attempts to reach the subject through conventional means were unsuccessful. When the subject did not respond, police forcible entered and searched the premises.

The corpse of Ms. Tran was discovered in the basement, decapitated. Officers reported a gel like substance covering wounds in her chest. Those wounds contained notable similarities to the corpse of the lawyer’s daughter and the wonds of his wife in a potentially connected attack. Forensics and investigations were contacted once the crime scene was secured.

Officers Barnes and Shobe were contacted by internal affairs with relation to Officer Barne’s connection to the victim and his discovery of her body on scene.

Informal notes:

  • We questioned the kitsune about involvement in the summoning of the hounds of Tyndalos with no success.
  • An investigation of her apartement did not reveal any information to the contrary. Eddie rifled through her panties. It was creepy.
  • Hundreds of calls received by St. Paul 911 operators regarding strange hound sightings all across the city. We investigated the sites and witnesses without specific revelation.
  • Received a call from Bonnie Trudy Tran about getting involved with something Barnes was into. Investigation of the call revealed Tran’s death.
  • A search of her house revealed a strangely sealed doorway with rounded edges sanded flat and many round pieces of furniture. Her basement was noticibly lacking sharp corners. Perhaps she tried to create a sealed “safe” area? Maybe the hounds can only manifest in sharp corners?
  • Eddie was able to procure specific information from her home in a supplemental search gathering certain phone records that showed recent contact with individuals at the University of Minnesota.



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